Ground temperature and water temperature can contribute to water main breaks. Prolonged periods of below zero temperatures can cause the soil to freeze quite deep into the ground. This freezing can cause expansion and contraction that creates force on the water main.

Pressure Changes in the System
Changes in pressure can cause main breaks. This usually occurs at points where there is a pre-existing weakness in the pipe. Overall system demands (such as very hot, dry days with high water use) can also cause changes in pressure that lead to main breaks.

What is involved in repairing a water main?

When a call or customer request is received, our crew is dispatched to determine the location, impact and severity of the break. First the water main is "controlled", by closing nearby valves that control the mains. Depending on the type of leak, this will either reduce the flow of water to the affected water main or shut it off completely.

Once the general repair location has been identified and the water main is shut off, special equipment is used to find the precise location of the leak. Then, our plumbers are dispatched to the location to begin the repairs.

Once the problematic water main and the repair is completed. The pipes are then flushed and water is tested to ensure water quality before water service is restored.

After that, the damaged road, lane, sidewalk or lawn must be repaired to the match the existing surface features. This may take some time depending on the construction season, weather and the availability of equipment and materials.

How long does it take to repair a water main?

It can be difficult to predict when water service will be restored during a main break repair. The length of repair time can vary depending on the location of the leak, condition of the soil, the condition of the pipe, seasonal activities, availability of repair materials and difficulty and location of the water line. However, we make every effort to minimize the length of time customers are out of water.

Can Trenchless Technology be used?

Yes, we are specialists in trenchless, no dig water line replacement. We use our own patented "Pipe Genie" pipe bursting equipment. With over 23 years of experience you can be assured you will get the job done right. We understand that water outages are a significant inconvenience and we always endeavour to get customer's water back on as soon as possible.